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Rafael Krux

Music composer based in orchestral and hybrid styled music, all the way from small comedy cues to epic orchestral and hybrid orchestral tracks.

Latest releases
Spacious and introspective, featuring floating female oohs-aahs creating a soothing, yearning mood.
Trippy and soothing, featuring grave drones and ethnic flute creating a dismal, puzzling mood.
Grave and foreboding, featuring pulsating ethnic flute and hand drums creating a puzzling, looming mood.
Flowing and stately, featuring grave harpsichord creating a devious, mischievous mood.
Atmospheric and satisfying, featuring gentle synth pads creating a celestial, placid mood.
Appears on playlists
Peace and Love Music for Film
Hear the sound of Peace translated sonically, reminding us of the...
Military and War Music for Film
"War is never a lasting solution for any problem" - Military & War...
Jets and Drones Music for Film
That's exactly how Jets & Drones sound in flight. Musical panoramas.
Inspiring Music for Film
An inspiring, uplifting and motivational music selection
Epic Music for Film
Bold and majestic featuring orchestral build transitioning to...
Comedy and Children Music for Film
The power of describing Comedy with music.
Motorsports Music for Film
Theme Songs for Racing Videos & Game Music. Excellent for...
Motivational Music for Film
Inspirational and motivational, creating a grandiose and...
Minimal Music for Film
Less is more. Minimalism presented in musical narratives.
Magical Music for Film
Magical and fantasy-inducing tracks, perfect for fairytales and...
Investigative Journalism Music for Film
Investigative journalism is a form of journalism in which reporters...
Hero Music for Film
What do heroes actually sound like? Listen in here...
Happy Music for Film
Warm, Lively, And Heartfelt, Creating A Feel-good And Positive Mood.
Fashion Week Music for Film
The catwalk is calling. The models are ready. Start the music...
Fantasy Music for Film
Dreamy and atmospheric, creating a fantastic fantasy-like, magical...
Energy Music for Film
Energetic and lively, creating an adventurous, captivating, and...
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