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Investigative Journalism Music for Film

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Instant Music Licensing
 - 2020

Investigative journalism is a form of journalism in which reporters deeply investigate a single topic of interest, such as serious crimes, political...
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80 Tracks 
(Duration: 3 hours 3 minutes 47 seconds)
Delicate and subtle, featuring flowing strings, atmospheric drones and piano creating a sedate, melancholy mood.
Gentle and alluring, featuring sustained strings and piano creating an intriguing, pensive mood.
Stimulating and hypnotic, featuring lucent bansuri, dumbek and sitar creating a subtle, pleasant mood.
Glum and solemn with ambient elements featuring atmospheric drones and strings creating a unsettling and mystifying mood.
Smooth and pensive, featuring trippy atmospheric drones, piano and percussion creating a soothing, satisfying mood.
Soothing and placid, featuring mellow piano, synth drums and synth pads creating a delightful, reflective mood.
Solemn and austere, featuring warm piano, percussion and strings creating a sorrowful, perplexing mood.
Floating and emphatic, featuring calm synth pads, drum kit and piano creating a sweet, delightful mood.
Lush and magnificent, featuring weighty percussion and strings creating an awe-struck, decisive mood.
Lush and regal, featuring luxuriant brass and percussion creating a majestic, grandiose mood.
Floating and brooding, featuring trippy drones, synthesizer and small electronic percussion that create a mysterious, perplexing mood.
Warm and stately, featuring mellow piano, percussion, and strings creating an awesome, fearless mood.
Radiant and adventurous, featuring lustrous piano, percussion and strings that create a marveling, courageous mood.
Heavy and bold, featuring warm percussion and brass creating a swelling, dramatic mood.
Discovery, Epic, Dreams, Adventure, Inspiration, Technology, Futuristic, Innovation
Building, tense and propulsive with trailer elements featuring strings, choir and percussion to creates a perky and awe-inspiring mood.
Radiant and intriguing, featuring flowing strings, percussion and piano creating a determined, dreamy mood.
Warm and comforting, featuring hypnotic atmospheric drones, synth drums and piano creating a contemplative, mesmerizing mood.
Solemn and perplexing, featuring hypnotic synth pulses, percussion and piano that create an austere, dreamy mood.
Bright and austere, featuring flowing percussion and strings creating a soothing, emotional mood.
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