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Inspiring Music for Film

Playlist by 
Instant Music Licensing
 - 2021

An inspiring, uplifting and motivational music selection

43 Tracks 
(Duration: 1 hour 35 minutes 18 seconds)
Lush and emotive, featuring dreamy violin creating a dignified, proud mood.
Lush and magnificent, featuring dreamy strings and cello creating a decisive, dignified mood.
Lush and smooth with middle eastern elements featuring strings and female chant creating a wishful and mournful mood.
Soothing and floating with ambient elements featuring piano and strings creating a comforting and hopeful mood.
Propulsive and wondrous, featuring lush brass, percussion and strings creating a magnificent, majestic mood.
Lucent and touching, featuring spacious cello and strings creating an engaging, stimulating mood.
Mild and heroic, featuring warm strings, brass and percussion creating an expressive, unstoppable mood.
Urging and breathtaking, featuring luxuriant mixed choir, percussion and brass creating a passionate, sovereign mood.
Propulsive and adventurous, featuring breezy strings, ethnic percussion and vocal oohs creating an unstoppable, satisfied mood.
Mild and aspiring, featuring lush brass, strings and percussion creating an uplifting, determined mood.
Heavy and decisive, featuring luxuriant strings creating an unstoppable, awe-struck mood.
Warm and assured, featuring dreamy ethnic percussion creating a cerebral, enchanting mood.
Throbbing and bold, featuring spacious cello, piano and strings creating an intriguing, engaging mood.
Luxuriant and emphatic, featuring vigorous strings, female oohs-aahs and brass creating an extravagant, captivating mood.
Massive and remarkable, featuring propulsive percussion, brass and strings creating a beautiful, sovereign mood.
Flowing and proud, featuring warm strings creating a stately, luxurious mood.
Stimulating and honored, featuring serene strings and harpsichord creating a majestic, heroic mood.
Lustrous and moving, featuring luminous strings creating a stately, extravagant mood.
Flowing and alluring, featuring gleaming piano and pizzicato strings creating a curious, expressive mood.
Warm and assured, featuring dreamy chinese dulcimer and ethnic percussion creating a cerebral, enchanting mood.
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