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Fantasy Music for Film

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Instant Music Licensing
 - 2020

Dreamy and atmospheric, creating a fantastic fantasy-like, magical mood

43 Tracks 
(Duration: 1 hour 44 minutes 46 seconds)
Calming and soothing, featuring trippy strings and piano creating a lovely, serene mood.
Smooth and optimistic, featuring soothing piano and strings creating a reflective, graceful mood.
Floating and tranquilizing, featuring warm female oohs-aahs creating a touching, reflective mood.
Calming and soothing, featuring trippy strings and piano creating a lovely, serene mood.
Trippy and grave with ambient elements featuring ethnic flute creating a mysterious and poignant mood.
Warm and emphatic, featuring calming flute, brass and strings creating an expressive, tender mood.
Floating and marveling, featuring warm violin and strings creating a noble, spellbinding mood.
Luxuriant and budding, featuring lush strings, male choir and brass creating a spellbinding, aspirational mood.
Dreamy and fanciful, featuring lush strings, brass and woodwinds creating a bold, passionate mood.
Lush and smooth with middle eastern elements featuring strings and female chant creating a wishful and mournful mood.
Gloomy and dreamy, featuring smooth strings, piano and harp creating a pensive, perplexing mood.
Grave and moving, featuring smooth female choir, brass and strings creating an elusive, mystifying mood.
Hazy and psychedelic, featuring sustained female oohs-aahs and atmospheric drones creating a spacey, lulling mood.
Floating and pining, featuring gentle piano creating a reflective, contemplative mood.
Soothing and pleasing, featuring subtle pizzicato strings and mixed choir creating a fanciful, luxurious mood.
Floating and noble, featuring subtle strings, mixed choir and celeste creating an enchanting, captivating mood.
Floating and dainty, featuring flowing celeste, mallets and strings creating a beautiful, delightful mood.
Soothing and flowing with medieval elements featuring celtic harp creating an expressive and delicate mood.
Warm and mesmerizing, featuring serene female chant and strings creating a noble, graceful mood.
Flowing and timeless, featuring delicate mallets, mixed choir and strings creating a stimulating, captivating mood.
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