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101% TV (2021) - Vol. 1

Album by 
Label:  - Ref. IMP_101_21 - 2021
Tv Shows / Infotainment
Video Games

A brilliant selection of TV-Productionmusic Tracks!

408 Tracks 
(Duration: 15 hours 50 minutes 11 seconds)
Radiant and serene, featuring flowing ethnic percussion and dulcimer creating a satisfied, pleasant mood.
Spirited and emphatic, featuring vibrant strings creating a graceful, stimulating mood.
Bleak and ghostly, featuring anxious synth blasts, children's chant and string risers creating a creepy, demonic mood.
Flowing and introspective, featuring calm Strings and Piano creating a gentle, subtle mood.
Warm and heartfelt, featuring mild strings, cello and piano creating a moving, passionate mood.
Warm and captivating, featuring lush brass, percussion and strings creating a motivating, fearless mood.
Calm and blissful, featuring dreamy atmospheric drones, strings and piano creating a soothing, placid mood.
Delicate and intriguing, featuring eerie pizzicato strings creating an engaging, curious mood.
Calming and hypnotic, featuring warm piano, female oohs-aahs and strings creating a spacey, dreamy mood.
Atmospheric and sublime, featuring delicate female oohs-aahs creating a reassuring, consoling mood.
Solemn and somber, featuring gloomy drones and female oohs-aahs creating a pleasant, dismal mood.
Calm and lovely, featuring gentle strings and piano creating a touching, enchanting mood.
Sustained and eternal, featuring lush strings and piano creating a satisfying, comforting mood.
Light and sneaky, featuring bouncy woodwinds and pizzicato strings creating a contemplative, thrilling mood.
Dreamy and joyous, featuring floating strings creating an extravagant, blissful mood.
Hypnotic and mesmerizing, featuring spacey bansuri and drones creating an introspective, pensive mood.
Bold and commanding, featuring massive brass and strings creating a daring, passionate mood.
Pleasing and daring, featuring lush strings, brass and mixed choir creating a remarkable, triumphant mood.
Warm and captivating, featuring pizzicato strings creating an extravagant, elegant mood.
Pleasing and expressive, featuring warm cello and piano creating an adventurous, captivating mood.
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